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"Reco - Bulgaria" Ltd. provides the full process of electronic device production Ц from PCB design to component assembling, testing and delivery.

PCB design according to customer electrical circuit, size and specific requirements.

Production of single side, double side (DS) and multilayer (ML) PCBs.

Electronic components regular supplies from over than 100 world known manufacturers according to the specific customer requirements for price and quality.

Fully automated SMD & trough hole assembling.

We supply high quality single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer printed-circuit-boards, electronic component assembly, functional / In-circuit test of assembled PCBs.

Bare PCB: single-sided, double-sided and multi-layered PCBs of different shape and size in compliance with  customersТ specifications and requirements.

PCB types and materials:

PCB type

Basic material


Basic material thickness [mm]

Copper thickness










0.60 to 4.00

35, 70

35, 70

35, 70

35, 70, 105, 175



0.60 to 4.00

18, 35, 70, 105, 175



0.20 to 4.00

18, 35, 70, 105, 175

Other types of materials can also be used upon at customerТs request.

Sizes and limits:

Printed tracks: minimum width - 0,18 mm. Distance between the printed elements - 0,20 mm.

PCBs with surface mounted components (SMD).

Max. PCB size: 500x600mm for double-sided PCBs and 372x525 or 449x474mm for multi-layers.

Minimum drill diameter - 0,30 mm.

The PCB thickness and the hole diameters are defined depending on the customerТs requirements.


-          Average Cu-thickness in the through-holes - 25 µm (min. 20 µm);

-          Sn/Pb coating thickness - 5 µm to 12 µm on the PCB surface before melting;

-          Sn/Pb coating thickness after hot air leveling (HAL) - 3 to 20 µm in the through-holes;

-          Capacities for Ni-, Pd- and Au-plating;

-          Capacities for lead-free HAL.

The metal coating thickness is according to the customerТs requirements.

Protective mask:

Epoxy (two-component), photo or UV one.

Mask colour: light green, dark green, white, blue, red or black.

Thickness - 10 to 50 µm.


-          Minimum width of the mark line: 0,15 mm;

-          Colour: white, yellow or black;

-          UV marking.

Removable paste:

Used for protection of assembly pads during wave-soldering.

Colours offered: blue, green or white.

Carbon paste:

Conductive carbon paste can be applied onto the contact surface of the PCB upon the customerТs request. The minimum distance between the carbon printed elements is 0,35 mm.


SL1232 lacquer is used to protect the copper surface from the environmental impact.

It is applied only onto single-sided PCBs.


100 % electrical function test; 100% Visual inspection;

Automatic-Optical-Inspection (layout and surface dependent);

Flying probe, A5-model.

Test parameters:

-          Conductivity test: 1 to 10 Ω;

-          Insulation test: 25 MΩ (FM) to 200 MΩ;

-          Voltage test: up to 250 V;

-          Conductivity threshold: 1 to 2 kΩ;

-          Maximum test surface : 400 x 520 mm;

-          Maximum size of the tested PCB: 460 x 660 mm;

-          No limits for the distance between the printed elements;

-          Minimum test point: 50 µm;

-          Minimum SMD-pad to be tested: 100 µm.

Special test on request (High voltage, etc.)


RP308 Laser raster photo-plotter is used for drawing of the photo-tools.

It has 8000 dpi maximum resolution guaranteeing ± 3µm allowance that provides complete correspondence between the drawing and the customerТs specifications.

Metal stencils - are used for applying of solder paste onto the SMD-pads of PCBs for automated component assembly. They are prepared by etching of Cu-Ni 18 Zn20 / HV 160-190 brass-leaf of 0.15, 0.20 or 0.25 mm thickness.

Lead-free HAL:

Lead-free HAL (January 2005) to meet the European market demand for restriction of hazardous substances usage in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS 2002/95/EC).

Data Input:

Gerber RS-274, Gerber RS-274X, PROTEL, AUTO-CAD, OR-CAD,



Meets or exceeds quality standards:  
IPC-A600D, MIL 55110C, MIL P13949, DIN IEC326.